Video chat: rules of conduct

1. You can not insult or humiliate other users in video chat

Bullying and ridicule directed at your chat partner are absolutely unacceptable. Sanctions will apply to the user:

- in case of religious or national oppression;

- if they use profanity;

- if they make threats or promises of reprisal.

2. It is strictly forbidden to use obscene behavior in a chat

Video chat roulette offers dating with girls and guys from all over the world. Obscene behavior that offends users is often the reason for exclusion from chat. The user's face should always be in the frame.

It is unacceptable to:

- go topless and touch the genitals;

- show any parts of the body without showing your face;

- pester another user for sexual activity;

- make any other actions that could be construed by users as obscene.

3. It is prohibited to distribute ads or spam offers

A large number of duplicate offers in video chat messages can be considered as spam.

Chat also recognizes and blocks advertising activities such as:

- requests to take part in voting or competitions;

- external links;

- photos and other images;

- showing the screen of a phone, TV or any other PC.

4. Video chat is equipped with a complaints system

The user has the right to complain to site administrators about their chat partner in cases where they consider the participant’s behavior to be rude and obscene.

Site administration is not responsible for the behavior of participants, but we try our best to stop unacceptable behavior and violation of the general rules of chat roulette.

Video chat roulette is a simple service that guarantees users anonymity and new acquaintances on the network. However you need to follow these simple rules of conduct and not inconvenience other users of the site.